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Ashley Summer Stamper
Nov 28, 1992 – June 29, 2019
26 Years – Gone too soon

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Memorial August 10, 2019

At Newcomers East Louisville Chapel
235 Juneau Drive, Louisville, KY (in Middletown)

Visitation: 2-4 PM
Service: 4 PM by Pastor Alan Browning

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Ashley and the S.T.O.R.M.

Ashley Stamper Save the Outcast

Save the Outcast – Ashley Stamper

We became a part of Ashley’s life when she was going through a difficult time while working at IPC.

Our staff member Michelle Cordell worked with her and Ashley approached her shortly after we received a donation from the company. We thought we were helping her by taking her in but in all reality she inspired all of us. Ashley, had a bigger than life personality. No matter what she was going through she never forgot those who were less fortunate than her. Her extraordinary compassion revealed a heart full of love for children and animals.

Ashley had been living here for a few months, when the Mission was asked to take in 2 young boys. Ashley understood their struggles going through physical, sexual and emotional abuse herself, she took them under her wings and nicked name them Rex and City. The last thing she asked me to do with her, is to go look at a commercial building with hope it would be the one to expand a larger helping hand to our communities.

By being apart of the Rainbow family it prepared her confidence and skills in taking her place as our fundraiser coordinator. Gus and Kelly Castillo, Ashley Moore, Sharon Dickerson and many others, I want to thank you for believing in Ashley Stamper and help making it possible that Save the Outcast Rescue Mission has a sponsorship with Rainbow.

Ashley Stamper’s desire to help others will be fulfilled through this mission. Her desire, dedication and always brainstorming to come up with ideas to grow our mission was a daily part of her thoughts. Her memories will live on and be celebrated through the heart of this mission and our goal in help making a difference one life at a time.

Gone to soon but forever in our hearts. We love you Ashley!

Remembered by:

Ashley Summer Stamper is survived by her parents Ray Stamper and Lisa Stamper and siblings Jonathan Stamper, Nathan Stamper, Erin Rissinger, Jordan Stamper, and Annabella Summers.

Ashley Stamper at Newport Aquarium with her Dad

Ashley Stamper with her Dad, Ray Stamper and his Girlfriend Denise Vicencio.

“Ashley was a goofball! She would do anything to make you laugh and try to make you have a better day. She sure loved her Papaw and her Granny with all her heart. She talked about them all the time.” – Ray Stamper

Her dad remembers her saying, “Dad, Granny is crazy. She will just pull off to the side of the road, get a plastic bag and me and her has to go and pick Polk.” She thought that was so hilarious! He also remembers going to the top of their mountain and climb to the top of it.  Even though Ashley struggled to climb up and wanted to sit in the truck, her dad would still make her go to the top of it with them. Her brother Nathan told her, “What ever you do Ashley don’t look down.” They all just laughed and laughed, but she made it to the top.

Ashley was a HUGE animal lover but she especially loved horses. When she was growing up, she wanted to be a vetinarian really bad. She also loved to go camping and fishing. She love to go to Long Run Park and feed the ducks. Rembering funny stories her dad said, “I remember she found a duck egg beside the water and she picked the egg up and was bringing it to me and this duck chased her and chased her because she had her egg Ashley was scared to death! She was just a little girl and that duck was right on her heels hissing and squawking. I had to take the egg back and put it in the Ducks nest.”

Ashley always had a smile on her face no matter if she was having a bad day. She was always smiling and laughing and she was a true friend and the best daughter ever!

Ashley Stamper became a good friend with our daughter Danielle Hayes-Raque at South Oldham Middle School. She would sometimes spend weekends with us and we got to know her well. Ashley came to live with us in November 2011 and quickly became part of the family. Some major milestones, while she was living with us, were that she got her GED, she got her driver’s license and she was baptized at Southeast Christian Church in 2012. She regularly attended church with us and a funny memory is that one day while waiting for service to begin, she was standing next to the outside of escalator to go up and she leaned onto the handrail, almost sitting on it, and it started to take her up. We watched her get picked up and started to ride up the handrail until she realized she what was happening and she jumped off landing on the floor and falling to the ground. It was a hysterical moment for all of us. You just never knew what was going to happen when Ashley was around.

She found out about her baby brother Jordan while she was with us and we took her to meet him for the first time when he was 3 or 4. She was so excited to find out about this brother. She often kept in touch with her mother Lisa to know how he was doing. She had a couple of jobs as a waitress and was aspiring to get established so she could have her own place to live and possibly go to college. She loved animals and helping people so she often spoke about getting into college to study to become a veterinarian or something in social services.

After some difficulties with boundaries at our household, she decided to leave and went to live with friends and eventually moved to Pikeville, KY with her mother. Somewhere along the line, she encountered some darkness in her life and discovered Save the Outcast Rescue Mission who helped her find some light at the end of her tunnel. We lost touch with her and reconnected in September 2018 and she had been living with us from October till her death. She was on an awesome path with a business opportunity offered by the Rexair/Rainbow where she was an independent contractor and was on a very successful path. She loved working with people and offering them an opportunity of bettering their lives.

She often pondered about her spirituality and like to dig deep and asked some advanced spiritual questions. She would often witness to people and tried to get them to find a spiritual connection with God. She regularly attended church at Southeast Christian Church and would like to watch sermons online. Though she also struggled with some of the darkness in her past with substance addiction, sexual abuse, depression, and suicide of her boyfriend “Perry” which regularly provoked nightmares and restless nights. She always found ways to recenter her life around God and was appreciative of the blessings in her life.

One example of her blessings was when she didn’t know how she would get a job because she didn’t have a car and didn’t want to be a burden for others. So she often reviewed deals on Facebook Marketplace and found a complete queen size bed which led her towards getting a vehicle for free. One day after some difficult circumstances, she was feeling down because she said she couldn’t understand how some people with a horrible spirit and no set positive path for their lives would often receive help from the government and “mooch” from others and they were doing much better than she was. She felt stagnant with her life and said she just wanted to get a car so she could find stable transportation so she could start working her business. She was challenged to pray and trust in her blessings and become more resourceful. She was reminded about having received a free bed so was challenged into believing that maybe she could find a way to also get a car. So taking the challenge she got on Facebook and low and behold… that same day, she found a couple who were getting rid of a 2001 Nissan Quest van and she asked if they would consider donating it. So late that night, they agreed to donate the car to her and she got a FREE vehicle. She loved her van and she called it Goldilocks because it was a tan/gold color. She saw several “God” signs that led her to firmly believe she was on a good path.

During recent ups and down she was struggling to stay positive. She found out that she had developed a form of epilepsy and had a couple of seizures which limited her ability to drive and brought back her fear of ovarian cancer coming back. During a very deep moment of spiritual enlightenment she decided to rededicate her life and was re-baptized on June 23rd at an apostolic church she was attending with the Leftridge family. She had an amazing final week of her life and was definitely on a high.

Ashley was introduced to the Rainbow family by Gus Castillo in order to give her an opportunity to advance her life from a financial and professional direction. Her first Rainbow experience was on Thursday January 24th, 2019 with Thomas Taylor. Gus was taking her to experience the opportunity and show her what the business was like. She was very intrigued and it was something she could see herself growing with. Thomas invited them to attend the first quarterly regional meeting for the company that weekend in Nashville, TN. 

Ashley Graduation Certificate with Ashley Moore

Ashley was trained during the next couple of weeks and started working on sales. After the first month of February, RGD Ashley Moore, challenged her to have 48 demos for the month and after commitment and dedication, she was able to complete only 46 due to car troubles during her last weekend. She did fulfill 8 sales which was a very good month for a beginning dealer. She achieved her “Time-to-Shine” shirt for a competition.

She won several contests and loved meeting new people. She was eager to get people into the business so they could also improve their lives with such a good opportunity. She tried to show anyone she thought could benefit from making more money.

In May she experienced her first airplane flight to San Diego, CA for the 2019 Rainbow World Meeting. In was an event like nothing she had experienced before in her life. She won a prize worth over $3,000 and was on stage with the CEO and President of the Rainbow company in front of over 1300 people. She loved seeing the world from the sky and also enjoyed interacting with an international community much different that what she had ever encountered. She came back to Louisville with a new found level of dreams and excitement to make a difference with her life.

Ashley on stage at Rainbow World Meeting

After some medical complications and being unable to drive, she started working at the office to set appointments and really performed awesome! The last week of her life, she outperformed many other office personnel by performing virtually all the office roles and a strong desire for helping the office achieve higher levels.

She was loved by so many in the Rainbow community and she was definitely part of the Rainbow family.  She made a major impact on two of her recruits, Stacy Brown and James Tinch, who had become very close. She will be forever missed!

Stacy Brown, James Tinch & Ashley

Ashley with Rainbow Family


On the morning of June 29th Ashley was on Facebook making her last posts. At 8:53 am she made her last post which is what inspired the cover of this memorial page. You’ve got to wonder what she was thinking.

Ashley Stamper last Facebook Post

She then left the house at about 9:07 am and texted Gus to let him and Kelly know that she was heading into work at the Rainbow office. She said her farewell’s and let them know she loved them and Gus responded at 9:17 am not suspecting any tragedy. At 9:22 am there was a 911 call made for the accident which occurred at 9:21 am.

At about 11:20 am a chaplain, a police officer and another emergency responder knocked at the door of Ashley’s place of residence. Gus and Kelly went to the door and were immediately asked if it was the Stamper residence. They were seeking information about her family which led to believe that something had happened because they never asked for Ashley directly. Gus asked if something bad happened and while they initially evaded the question by asking more questions about Ashley, the chaplain eventually explained that Ashley had been in an accident that morning and she had not made it. They were asked about Ashley’s health and were given the phone number to the coroner.

After calling Ashley’s employer, Gus called the coroner and the coroner responded that he was at the scene and would have to call back. Therefore, Gus and Kelly drove out to the scene and found the vehicles still intact. As they crossed the street in front of the accident, they saw the destruction to her van and Ashley still laying in the van. They walked towards the Walgreens parking lot and saw a pickup truck flipped upside down in the parking lot from the impact. – Location


The current inconclusive investigation indicates that Ashley was traveling very fast and veered off into oncoming traffic. It is suspected that she was unconscious and is currently being investigated.

WAVE News Report

Ashley Stamper Airplane

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